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Drawing Cartridge

premium grade,
educational pricing

Cartridge paper: a thick strong white paper for pencil and ink drawings. Cartridge paper derives its name from a heavy grade paper used for making weaponry cartridges dating from the late14th century up until the American Civil War..

Premium Grade 110gsm Drawing Cartridge, acid free & ph neutral, (not printers' offset paper).

Medium tooth, high strength and good whiteness/greyness balance. Suitable for pen & ink, painting, pencil, charcoal, crayon, gel pen, laser photocopier & scrapbooking.

Available in a full range of metric and imperial sizes.

  • Q/ 40002    Premium Cartridge 110gsm A1 (595x840mm) 250sht
    net   $48.60    GST   $4.86    Total   $53.46

  • Q/ 40004    Premium Cartridge 110gsm A2 (420x595mm) 500sht
    net   $48.60    GST   $4.86    Total   $53.46

  • Q/ 40007    Premium Cartridge 110gsm A3 (297x420mm) 500sht
    net   $24.30    GST   $2.43    Total   $26.73

  • Q/ 40008    Premium Cartridge 110gsm A4 (210x297mm) 500sht
    net   $12.15    GST   $1.22    Total   $13.37

  • Q/ 40011    Premium Cartridge 110gsm 560x760mm 250sht
    net   $46.72    GST   $4.67    Total   $51.39

  • Q/ 40010    Premium Cartridge 110gsm 380x560mm 500sht
    net   $46.72    GST   $4.67    Total   $51.39

  • Q/ 40009    Premium Cartridge 110gsm 280x360mm 500sht
    net   $23.52    GST   $2.35    Total   $25.87



Pricing subject to handling and delivery charges.
FREE DELIVERY (all orders $500 or more in Sydney Metro, Wollongong, Canberra, Mittagong, Bowral, Moss Vale)
Please email / fax / phone your orders.
Payment: cheque, EFT, official school or goverment orderform,
Visa, Mastercard or American Express [credit card payments are subject to a 2% surcharge].
Pricing available until 31st March 2013 or whilst stock lasts.




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