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Artisan papermaker Maurice Wilson produces Australia's finest handmade artist paper in a small papermill in Mount Gambier. Situated on the flanks of a dormant Volcano in the south east region of South Australia. Mount Gambier was originally chosen by Kevin Smibert, founder of Blue Lake Papers, in the early nineties. The water from the Blue Lake has no iron, an alkaline 8.2pH, and calcium to protect the paper from pollution.

Blue Lake Papers are a genuine rag paper, not made from cotton bolls, but rather start life as old sheets and tablecloths from an Adelaide laundry, the way rag paper has traditonally been made. The pure white rag is beaten in a hollander with ideal paper makers' water from Mount Gambier's volcanic Blue Lake. The cotton rag used is almost entirely pure cellulose fibre, which has a natural resistance to the damaging process of ageing. Each sheet is individually hand made and as such vary slightly, creating a unique and individual character. Sheets are tunnel dried under pressure which ensures a flat sheet with a memory, reducing the need to stretch before painting.

Blue Lake Papers are suitable for watercolour, gouache, acrylic, drawing, pen & ink, pastel, relief printing and embossing.
All sizes have four natural deckled edges which enhances their appearance and makes them ideal to 'float frame'. Sheets have a unique 'dual texture', being rough on one side and medium on the other.


Blue Lake Papers set new and exciting standards for both professional and amateur artists.

  • Archival quality - All are 100% cotton rag, acid free.
  • Four real deckled edges, medium smooth on the face and medium rough on the back.
  • For artist's convenience, every sheet is PRE-STRETCHED for flatness!
  • Highly resistant to fungal attack (mould). For use in tropics or damp climates.

Unfortunately Maurice Wilson has now retired and the Blue Lake Paper Mill has closed.

* Leading photo courteous Oliver Strewe.



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