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ESKULAN - Espana

Eskulan Esparto Papel (Spain) For half a century Esparto (Stipa tenacissima) has been used in the production of paper. It used to come to the paper industry in the form of waste: the soles of espadrilles and oil mill baskets etc. It is a species of grass that grows wild in arid regions.

The whole plant is used and the cellulose content can reach as high as 58%.

At the Eskulan workshop in the Basque region of Northern Spain, they wanted to adopt this tradition and so they process the Esparto from the plant, through a short process of heating and refining in a mild alkaline solution.

Esparto paper is known for its extraordinary dimensional stability. It has a natural colour and is pH neutral making it ideal for all types of printing. It undergoes an anti-bacterial and fungicide treatment.

Esparto paper is now available in Australia through Art Business direct and Artists Deli Bowral

   * Eskulan Esparto Papel 30gsm 560x780mm sheet  Artists Deli - gallery price $22.60 (incl GST);  edunet: ads.Esparto $18.50

   * Eskulan Esparto Papel 30gsm pack A4 10 sheets  Artists Deli - gallery price $45.20 (incl GST);  edunet: ads.Esparto.A410 $37.00

Pricing only available whilst current stocks last.
Pricing current at date of publication, but subject to change without notice.
Pricing subject to handling and delivery charges.


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