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Arches, France.

ARCHES® is the paper mill that offers the most extensive range of fine art papers made on a cylinder mould.

ARCHES® Aquarelle paper gelatin sized “to the core” is a reference among papers, chosen by artists all over the world. It is only paper in the world made by this unique method.

Among the many papers in the range, we find emblematic names like Velin d’ARCHES® and Velin BFK Rives®.

  • Arches 88 300GSM 560x760mm – per sheet   each  :  $17.61
    floorstock-ships 2 – 3 days
     :  edunet: jm. C.A1795153 :   $16.01

  • Arches 88 270GSM 750x1050mm – 50 sheets   each  :  $1,623.60
    floorstock-ships 2 – 3 days
     :  edunet: jm. A88.75x105 :   $1,476.00

  • Arches Aquarelle 180GSM 560x760mm HP (smooth)- pack 10 sheets   each  :  $106.26
    floorstock-ships 2 – 3 days
     :  edunet: jm. C.A1795015 :   $96.60

Bemboka Paper Mill.

Bemboka Australia

Old stock from the Bemboka Paper Mill in southern NSW, made around 1990 by master papermaker Colin Gottass. Around 120 gsm in a lemony off-white, sheet size is approximately 52 x 70 cm, deckle edge on 4 sides. Archival quality, acid free, 100% cotton. Suited to limited edition books. Minimum order 40 sheets. $3.00 sheet SOLD OUT

BFK Rives.

Arches, France

Blue Lake Paper.

Blue Lake, Australia - now closed

Cartiera di Cordenons.


Cordenons Canaletto is an acid free watercolour and drawing paper. The high quality composition of this paper (20% cotton & 80% of ECF wood-free primary pulp with gelatin sizing) creates a strong paper with good archival characteristics (neutral pH).

Cordenons Canaletto has a geniune "Felt Marked" surface which is sympathetic to a wide range of media. Cordenons Canaletto is a high quality multimedia paper suitable for watercolour, gouache, pastels, inks, acrylics, charcoal, collage and a variety of printmaking techniques.

Creative Paper.

Rag paper. North West Tasmania Australia    MORE

Curtin Springs Paper.

Native Grasses paper. Northern Territory Australia

We harvest our native grasses by hand; using a pair of secateurs, a hessian sack and our knowledge of the Curtin Springs landscape.
Each type of grass creates a different texture and feel in the paper, whether it be spinifex, oat grass, woollybutt, kangaroo or kerosene grass. The different seasons also produce differences in the papers.    MORE


Hand made paper. Basque region North West Spain.

Since the Eskulan workshop – mill was founded in 1980 it has been manufacturing paper for all types of use and artistic applications. Fibres are used of the highest cellulose, cotton, flax and hemp content.
In addition to these fibres other types of raw materials from a long tradition of paper production in Asia have been incorporated. Kozo, gampi, mitsumata, and lokta are fibres used in the production of other specialist paper used in calligraphy, watercolour painting, fondinos, chine-collé printing, binding, collages and restoration etc.   MORE


Rag paper. Hubli South India.   MORE

Lokta Paper.

Nepal.   MORE


Elephant Dung Paper - Sri Lanka.

Maximus Elephant Dung Paper started in 1997 with the intention to marry the interests of job creation, wildlife protection, elephant conservation and rural empowerment through the production of handmade paper from 100% waste material. Initially employing just seven people, this Fair Trade and sustainable company now employs more than 200 people.    MORE

Meirat Papel.

Flax Paper - Madrid Spain.   MORE

Saa Paper.


Saunders Waterford.

United Kingdom.

Schut Dutch Etching.


These papers have been especially tailored to Australian specifications by the Schut paper mill in Holland. Sited over an old spring, this 300-year-old mill is Holland's oldest, and the main mill manufacturing quality rag papers for artists. This paper has been made especially for editioners and etchers.
It is off-white in shade and 100% rag neutral pH. The heavier weight gives it a measure of buckle resistance upon framing, especially important in etchings. A great value rag paper that even students can afford.
  • Schut Dutch Etching 250gsm 560x760mm   each  :  $5.85
    floorstock-ships 2 – 3 days
     :  edunet: H. P335.10 :   $5.32
AD 1.4.2024

Stonehenge Paper


Zo Project.

Traditional Dó & Du'óng Papers . Hanoi Vietnam.

Zó project is a social business, which preserves, supports, and expands the Vietnamese traditional paper and its making technique in a sustainable and creative way.
The idea of setting up Zó project initially came from the passion of the founder Tran Hong Nhung. Zó is a dynamic and young team who wished to bring traditional values into contemporary society. In return, our profits are going back to the community of papermakers to create job opportunities and stable income for the ethnic minority village in the Northern province of Vietnam.    MORE



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